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Unformatted text preview: (GHGs). Business case: EPA estimates that operating expenses could be reduced by about $30 million annually through widespread adoption of best practices, improved equipment design and service, and advanced refrigeration technologies. Companies also receive recognition for par­ ticipation in the program, achievement awards, analytical tools, and guidelines on best practices and advanced technologies. Services: GreenChill offers companies the chance to benchmark their emissions reductions vs. their peers and to receive awards for achieving their annual emissions reduction goals. GreenChill provides partners with a variety of publicity, marketing, and outreach op­ portunities to highlight their participation in GreenChill. In addition, partners collabo­ rate across industries to identify service and operational practices that reduce emissions of ozone-depleting refrigerants and their greenhouse gas alternatives, and they partici­ pate in an industry-government research initiative to assess the performance of green technologies in terms of energy efficiency, reducing refrig...
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