In the united states lean implementa tion is rapidly

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Unformatted text preview: t Program Profiles 29 Lean and the Environment Initiative Business Value: 3 q Cost savings/operational efficiency Web site: Contact Information: Services Offered: 3 q Analytical tools 3 q Guidebooks/toolkits 3 q Technical assistance 3 q Training/seminars Chris Reed (202) 566-0606 [email protected] Description: Lean manufacturing is a business model and collection of tactical methods that empha­ size eliminating non-value added activities (waste) while delivering quality products on time and at the least cost with greater efficiency. In the United States, lean implementa­ tion is rapidly expanding throughout diverse manufacturing and service sectors, such as aerospace, automotive, electronics, furniture production, and health care, as a core business strategy to create a competitive advantage. Business case: Coordinating lean and the environment has a variety of benefits for businesses. They are able to reduce costs; improve process flow and reduce lead times; lower regulatory noncompliance risk; meet customer expectations; improve environmental quality; and improve employee morale and commitment. Implementing lean allows businesses to learn to see hidden environmental waste; enhance the ef...
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