Many energyand waste related goals also aid in

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Unformatted text preview: teleseminars on specific environmental topics and best practices. Regulatory and administrative incentives are designed to reward members, who have demonstrated strong environmental records and a commitment to continuous improvement by reducing member transaction costs such as reduced self-reporting and expedited permit reviews. Value to environment: To date, facilities have set 75 GHG emission reduction goals, leading to 309,780 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent savings (the annual emissions of 57,000 cars). Many energyand waste-related goals also aid in members’ push to reduce emissions. All told, almost 900 member goals address climate change either directly or indirectly. Sectors most applicable: All Business Guide to 36 A .S. EPA Climate Partnership Programs U PFC Emission Reduction Partnership Business Value: 3 q Brand/reputation protection/enhancement 3 q Cost savings/operational efficiency Services Offered: 3 q Analytical tools 3 q Technical assistance Web site: Contact Information: Sally Rand (202) 343-9739 [email protected] Description: The PFC Emission Reduction Partnership encourages semiconductor companies to commit t...
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