More recently the us epa certified smartway logo

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Unformatted text preview: n the freight industry. It is an innovative collaboration between EPA and the freight industry designed to improve energy efficiency and lower GHGs and air pollution. Companies participating in SmartWay save money, reduce fuel consump­ tion and are recognized for their stewardship and environmental leadership. High performing partners use the SmartWay Transport Partner logo, enabling customers to recognize their com­ mitment and success in saving energy and lowering GHG. More recently, the U.S. EPA certified SmartWay logo became available to allow consumers to quickly and easily identify the cleanest, most fuel-efficient trucks and cars on the road today. Business case: Any company that ships products stands to improve its bottom line by joining EPA’s SmartWay Transport Partnership. SmartWay partners have made commitments that are estimated to be saving more than 600 million gallons of diesel fuel a year. Companies achieve these benefits through technology-based equipment options and logistics management strategies promoted by the partnership. Freight carriers that join SmartWay are re...
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