S revenues of more than 1 trillion under climate

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Unformatted text preview: stries and sectors, from manufac­ turers and utilities to financial institutions and retailers, with total U.S. revenues of more than $1 trillion. Under Climate Leaders, firms take all steps commonly associated with comprehensive climate change strategy. They commit to reducing their impacts on the global environment by completing corporate-wide inventories of their GHG emissions, implementing management plans for data consistency, setting five- to 10-year reduction goals, Business Guide to 6 A .S. EPA Climate Partnership Programs U developing an action plan, and reporting progress to EPA an­ nually. Through Climate Leaders, your company can create credible and lasting records of its GHG emissions reduction activities and accomplishments. Your company can also identify itself as corporate environmental leader and stra­ tegically position your company as climate change policy continues to unfold. To learn more about Climate Leaders, please see the “Program Profiles” section of this guide. Additional Climate Strategy Resources If you are considering adopting a comprehens...
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