Sgn members gain access to the bimonthly electronic

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Unformatted text preview: unities, and improves the local tax base. Services: SGN conducts research; publishes reports and other publications; showcases outstand­ ing communities; works with communities through grants and technical assistance; and brings together diverse interests to encourage better growth and development. The SGN Web site provides a variety of resources, including information on funding opportunities, regulatory and policy analysis, and promoting smart growth in your community. SGN members gain access to the bimonthly electronic newsletter “Getting Smart!;” the SGN listserv, where members can share information and get advice from other members around the country; and the SGN Information Hotline service, which allows members to request research assistance and expert advice on a broad array of topics. Value to environment: Smart growth practices can lessen the environmental impacts of development with tech­ niques such as compact development, reduced impervious surfaces and improved water detention, safeguarding of environmentally sensitive areas, mixing of land uses (e.g., homes, offices, and shops), transit accessibility, and better pedestrian and bicycle amenities. A 2005 Se...
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