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Unformatted text preview: coal mine methane (CMM), a GHG over 20 times as potent as carbon dioxide. If recovered, CMM can serve as an alternative and profitable energy source. Business case: CMOP helps coal mine owners, mine operators, project developers, and investors put CMM to profitable use. Methane is removed from coal mines using large-scale ventila­ tion systems, which may be supplemented by degasification systems used in advance of, during, or after mining activity. After recovery, CMM can be profitably used for natural gas pipeline injection, power production, co-firing in boilers, district heating, coal dry­ ing, vehicle fuel, and industrial feedstocks. Services: CMOP offers tools to maximize profitable methane reductions, provides technical and analytical assistance to identify and assess technologies, site-specific feasibility, policy issues, and financing mechanisms. CMOP sponsors workshops, networking opportuni­ ties, and international activities through the Methane to Markets Partnership. Value to environment: Capturing and using CMM has benefits for the local and global environment, including mitig...
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