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Unformatted text preview: Description: Since 1992, the ENERGY STAR program has helped thousands of organizations across the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors take advantage of cost-effective op­ portunities to improve their energy efficiency and reduce GHG emissions. Business case: Organizations of all kinds can benefit from partnering with the ENERGY STAR. Man­ aging energy use strategically enables organizations of all sizes to mitigate the impact of rising costs and volatility in energy markets, as well reducing operating costs and distinguishing themselves as environmental leaders. Services: EPA provides the tools and resources necessary for strategic energy management. Buildings owners and facility managers of all kinds of buildings can use EPA tools to benchmark their energy and water use in order to target investments on improvements—more than 60,000 buildings nationwide have already done so. Top-performing hospitals, hotels, office buildings, retailers, schools, grocery stores, warehouses,...
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