Specifically the program provides modeling tools

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Unformatted text preview: cognized for their environmental leadership, and gain loyalty among their customers seeking to ship goods using clean and cost-efficient transportation. Likewise, shippers that join SmartWay can gain public recognition, soften their environmental footprint, and make progress in achiev­ ing their fuel efficiency goals. Services: Through SmartWay EPA provides technical assistance, helping partners benchmark and achieve their goals to improve energy efficiency and lower GHGs. Specifically the program provides modeling tools, information exchange and data that identify fuel use, emissions output and the effectiveness of a broad range of technology, equipment controls and fuelsaving logistics management strategies. SmartWay also has encouraged financial institutions to provide flexible, reduced-interest loans to improve access to these fuel-saving technolo­ gies and pollution controls. EPA also has developed specifications for truck equipment and cars. Partners also have access to marketing resources and may qualify to use the SmartWa...
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