The ghg reduction benefits are equivalent to having

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Unformatted text preview: turning pollution into a valuable community resource. Services: LMOP offers a wide array of free technical, promotional, and informational tools as well as support services to assist with the development of LFG projects. These re­ sources include the LMOP Online Toolkit; software tools for estimating emissions and emissions rates; a variety of technical documents; and informational brochures, fact sheet, and case studies. Value to environment: LMOP’s efforts have reduced landfill methane emissions by more than 24 million metric tons of carbon equivalent. The GHG reduction benefits are equivalent to having planted 24 million acres of forest or removed 17 million vehicles from the road. Sectors most applicable: Aluminum manufacturing; appliance, electronic, industrial equipment manufactur­ ing; cement and lime manufacturing; chemical manufacturing; food processors and distributors; general manufacturing; pulp and paper manufacturing; semiconductor manufacturing; utilities/power marketers; vehicle fleet owners/shippers; vehicle manu­ facturing; waste managemen...
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