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Unformatted text preview: and annually report­ ing progress to EPA. Through program participation, companies create credible records of accomplishment and receive EPA recognition as environmental leaders. Business case: Addressing climate risk is a key objective for many leading companies. Investors, cus­ tomers, and suppliers are increasingly seeking information on corporate climate strate­ gies that benefit the bottom line, reduce uncertainty, and create market opportunities. Services: Climate Leaders provides partners with technical assistance and resources for develop­ ing GHG inventories, reporting reductions, setting goals, and promoting successes. The program also organizes workshops and events where partners can interact and provides partners with tools to promote their successes. Value to environment: The Climate Leaders program addresses the climate impact of a firm on a comprehen­ sive basis. All sources of GHGs are considered, inventoried, and reduced, including onsite fuel consumption and energy use, industrial processes, onsite waste disposal, onsite air conditioning and refrigeration use, electricity and steam purchases, and mobile sources. Sectors most applicable: All...
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