Utilities sponsoring a hpwes program can help meet

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Unformatted text preview: articipating contractors complete the renovations or work closely with participating contractors who can. Upon completion, the home is reassessed to measure the improvement savings gains and ensure satisfaction. In addition to HPWES, EPA offers resources for the do-it-yourself (DIY) home improvement market. Business case: For participating contractors, HPWES can provide opportunities to expand into new markets, improve quality and customer satisfaction, reduce down time or seasonal workload fluctua­ tion, gain a competitive edge, and even achieve higher profit margins. Utilities sponsoring a HPWES program can help meet energy efficiency and renewable energy mandates, deliver peak demand reductions, delay or avoid energy supply investments, and provide an opportu­ nity to consolidate program delivery to residential customers. For retailers, targeting the DIY home improvement market can improve customer loyalty and increase sales by utilizing EPA resources and tools. Services: EPA and DOE can provide program start up guidance for potential utilities or state energy offices. Once a sponsor has submitted an implementation plan and signed the Partnership Agreement,...
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