Value to environment the action plan is helping to

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Unformatted text preview: ddress the challenges of high energy prices, energy security and independence, environmental concerns, and global climate change in the near term. Services: The Action Plan provides recognition opportunities for organizations who commitments to energy efficiency and/or endorse the Action Plan’s five key policy recommendations. Numerous reports, guides, fact sheets and other resources are available via the Web site to assist parties in meeting their commitments, including materials from a Sector Collabora­ tive on Energy Efficiency. Value to environment: The Action Plan is helping to remove barriers to greater investment in cost-effective energy efficiency as a resource in our nation’s energy system. Achieving all cost-effective energy efficiency by the year 2025 could result in national reductions in GHG emissions on the order of 500 million metric tons of carbon dioxide annually, equivalent to 90 million cars off the road. Sectors most applicable: Grocers; hospitality; real estate development, management, and construction; retail­ ers; utilities/power marketers • Please note that this program is an EPA-supported program, but it...
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