Value to environment the use of reusable materials

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Unformatted text preview: GreenScapes focuses on “the four r’s” in landscap­ ing: reduce, reuse, recycle water and waste, and rebuy (purchase materials made from recycled products). Business case: Green landscaping means buying fewer products and switching from the purchase of disposable products to those that are long-lasting and reusable. While the purchase of longer-lasting products can initially be more expensive, savings accrue over time. Services: GreenScapes offers online calculators for cost comparisons, provides publications and technical guidance, conducts workshops, and sponsors awards. Value to environment: The use of reusable materials results in waste reduction, which is associated with GHG emissions reductions, savings in landfill space, and natural resource preservation. Sectors most applicable: Hospitality; hospitals; landscaping and golf courses; office-based businesses; real estate development, management, and construction; retailers Program Profiles 25 Green Suppliers Network Business Val...
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