Value to environment through its systematic focus on

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Unformatted text preview: fectiveness of lean implementa­ tion; and deliver what customers and employees want. Services: The Lean and the Environment Initiative provides a variety of resources to enhance the integration of lean methods and tools to improve environmental results. The Web site contains information on the results of background research EPA has conducted on the relationship between lean and environmental performance, case studies, fact sheets, and tools containing ideas and techniques for integrating environmental considerations into lean initiatives and methods. Value to environment: Through its systematic focus on the elimination of non-value added activity, lean manu­ facturing substantially improves environmental performance. Reducing common types of manufacturing waste—defects, waiting, overproduction, movement, inventory, com­ plexity, and unused creativity—yields a variety of environmental benefits, including less use of energy, water, and raw materials; reduced generation of solid and hazardous wastes; and lower emissions of hazardous air pollutants. Sectors most applicable: Aluminum manufacturing; appliance, electronic, industrial equipment manu­ facturing; building materials manufacturing; cement and lime manufacturing; chemical manufacturing; food processors and distributors; general...
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