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Unformatted text preview: ntional wood stoves. Sectors most applicable: Appliance, electronic, industrial equipment manufacturing Business Guide to 22 A .S. EPA Climate Partnership Programs U GreenChill Advanced Refrigeration Partnership Business Value: 3 q Brand/reputation protection/enhancement 3 q Cost savings/operational efficiency 3 q Research and development assistance 3 q Risk management Services Offered: 3 q Analytical tools 3 q Environmental performance benchmarking 3 q Guidebooks/toolkits 3 q Professional networking 3 q Public recognition 3 q Technical assistance 3 q Training/seminars Web site: www.epa.gov/Ozone/partnerships/greenchill/index.html Contact Information: Keilly Witman (202) 343-9742 witman.keilly@epa.gov Bella Maranion (202) 343-9749 maranion.bella@epa.gov Description: The GreenChill Advanced Refrigeration Partnership is an EPA cooperative alliance with the supermarket industry and other stakeholders to promote the adoption of ad­ vanced technologies, strategies, and practices that reduce emissions of ozone-depleting substances (ODS) and greenhouse gases...
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