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Unformatted text preview: air pollution and GHG emissions. Buying green power can make a real difference environmentally by encouraging the development of new, domestic renewable energy capacity, which produces electricity with significantly less air pollution and no net increase in GHG emissions. Sectors most applicable: All Business Guide to 24 A .S. EPA Climate Partnership Programs U GreenScapes Business Value: 3 q Cost savings/operational efficiency Services Offered: 3 q Analytical tools 3 q Guidebooks/toolkits 3 q Public recognition 3 q Technical assistance 3 q Training/seminars Web site: www.epa.gov/greenscapes Contact Information: Jean Schwab (703) 308-8669 [email protected] Description: EPA’s GreenScapes provides cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions for large-scale landscaping. Designed to help preserve natural resources and prevent waste and pollution, GreenScapes encourages companies to make more holistic decisions regarding waste generation and disposal and to consider the associated impacts on land, water, air, and energy use....
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