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Unformatted text preview: is not formally considered an EPA Partnership Program. Program Profiles 33 Natural Gas STAR Business Value: 3 q Brand/reputation protection/enhancement 3 q Cost savings/operational efficiency 3 q New/expanded markets 3 q Risk management Web site: Contact Information: Services Offered: 3 q Analytical tools 3 q Environmental performance benchmarking 3 q Guidebooks/toolkits 3 q Professional networking 3 q Public recognition 3 q Technical assistance 3 q Training/seminars Roger Fernandez (202) 343-9386 Description: Natural Gas STAR encourages companies across the natural gas and oil industries to adopt cost-effective technologies and practices that improve operational efficiency and reduce emissions of methane, a potent GHG. The program provides companies with technical assistance in the implementation of recommended best management practices and provides other strategy suggestions based on successful past experiences of its members. At the same time, the progra...
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