18 federal trade commission acknowledgement should be

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Unformatted text preview: ary focus. One way to increase the likelihood that consumers have actually read and understood a disclosure in such circumstances is to require consumers to affirmatively acknowledge having seen the disclosure by choosing between multiple answer options, none of which is preselected. Any such affirmative 29. Website operators can identify visitors who are using mobile devices to visit their websites and display a version of the site that has been designed or “optimized” to enable those consumers to view the site more easily. 18 Federal Trade Commission acknowledgement should be displayed early in the decision-making process, e.g., before the primary item is actually added to a shopping cart. Example 20 3. Distracting Factors in Ads The clear and conspicuous analysis does not focus only on the disclosure itself. It also is important to consider the entire ad. Elements like graphics, sound, text, links that lead to other screens or sites, or “add to cart” buttons may result in consumers not noticing, reading, or listening to the disclosure. Example 21 ● Don’t let other parts of an ad get in the way. On television, moving visuals behind a text message make the text hard to read and may distract consumers’ attention from the message. Using graphics online raises similar concerns: flashing images or animated graphics may reduce the prominence of a disclosure. Graphics on a webpage alone may not undermine the effectiveness of a disclosure. It is important, however, to consider all the elements in the ad, not just the text of the disclosure. Example 22 4. Repetition It may be necessary to disclose information more than once to convey a non-deceptive message. Repeating a disclosure makes it more likely that a consumer will notice and understand it, and will also increase the likelihood that it will be seen by consumers who may be entering the website at different points. Still, the disclosure need not be repeated so often that consumers would ignore it or it would clutter the ad. ● Repeat disclosures on lengthy sites and applications, as needed. Consumers can access and navigate websites or applications in different ways. Many consumers may access a si...
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