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Unformatted text preview: tely inform consumers of the essence of a required disclosure. For example, “Ad:” at the beginning of a tweet or similar short-form message should inform consumers that the message is an advertisement, and the word “Sponsored” likely informs consumers that the message was sponsored by an advertiser. Other abbreviations or icons may or may not be adequate, depending on whether they are presented clearly and conspicuously, and whether consumers understand their meaning so they are not misled.26 Example 17 Misleading a significant minority of reasonable consumers is a violation of the FTC Act.27 ● Maintaining disclosures with republication. Advertisers should employ best practices to make it less likely that disclosures will be deleted from spaceconstrained ads when they are republished by others. Some disclosures can be placed at the beginning of a short-form message. Alternatively, if a disclosure is placed at the end of a message, the original message can be written with enough free space that the disclosure is not lost if the message is republished with a comment by others. 26. Empirical evidence may be necessary to demonstrate that certain abbreviations or icons are effective, at least until such time that their usage is sufficiently widespread to provide confidence that consumers see them and understand what they mean. As of the date of publication of this document, such evidence was not available. 27. Deception Policy Statement at 177 n.20. 16 Federal Trade Commission ● Disclosures on the click-through. In some instances — e.g., when a teaser ad does not actually identify the product being advertised, so the consumer must click through to learn its identity, or when the advertised product is sold only through the advertiser’s own website and the consumer must click through in order to take any action — a space-constrained ad can direct consumers to a website for more information if a detailed disclosure is necessary but will not fit in the space-const...
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