Consumers may miss disclosure hyperlinks that are

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Unformatted text preview: dn’t recognize italicized text as being a link, and could miss the disclosure. Placing the link near relevant information and making it noticeable. The hyperlink should be proximate to the claim that triggers the disclosure so consumers can notice it easily and relate it to the claim. Examples 11 & 12 Typically, this means that the hyperlink is adjacent to the triggering term or other relevant information. Consumers may miss disclosure hyperlinks that are separated from the relevant claim by text, graphics, blank space, or intervening hyperlinks, especially on devices with small screens. Format, color, or other graphics treatment also can help to ensure that consumers notice the link. (See below for more information on prominence.) Getting to the disclosure on the click-through should be easy. The click-through page or screen — that is, the page or screen the hyperlink leads to — must contain the complete disclosure and that disclosure must be displayed prominently. Distracting visual factors, extraneous information, and opportunities to “click” elsewhere before viewing the disclosure can obscure an otherwise adequate disclaimer. ● Get consumers to the message quickly. The hyperlink should take consumers directly to the disclosure. They shouldn’t have to search a click-through page or go to other places for the information. In addition, the disclosure should be easy to understand. ● Pay attention to indicia that hyperlinked disclosures are not effective. Although advertisers are not required to use them, some available tools may indicate to advertisers that their disclosures accessed through hyperlinks are not effective. For example, advertisers can monitor click-through rates, i.e., how often consumers click on a hyperlink and view the click-through information. Advertisers also can evaluate the amount of time visitors spend on a certain page, which may indicate whether consumers are reading the disclosure. ● Don’t ignore your data. If hyperlinks are not followed, another method of conveying the required information would be necessary. c. Using High Tech Methods for Proximity and Placement Disclosures may be displayed...
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