Display visual disclosures for a sufficient duration

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Unformatted text preview: turned off will not hear either the claim or the disclosure. ● For written claims, use written disclosures. Disclosures triggered by a claim or other information in an ad’s written text should be made in writing, and not be placed solely in an audio or video clip. Consumers who do not have speakers, appropriate software, or devices with audio capabilities or who have their sound turned off will not hear an audio disclosure; similarly, consumers might not be able to view a video clip on some devices or simply might not choose to watch it. ● Display visual disclosures for a sufficient duration. Visual disclosures presented in video clips or other dynamic portions of online ads should appear for a duration sufficient for consumers to notice, read, and understand them. As with brief video superscripts in television ads, fleeting online disclosures are not likely to be effective. Advertisers should also recognize that consumers today may be viewing their messages through multiple media (e.g., watching television, surfing the web on a computer, viewing space constrained messages on a smartphone, etc.). This multiple media access does not 20 Federal Trade Commission alter the requirement that required disclosures be made clearly and conspicuously in each advertisement that would require a disclosure if viewed in isolation. 6. Understandable Language For disclosures to be effective, consumers must be able to understand them. Advertisers should use clear language and syntax and avoid legalese or technical jargon. Disclosures should be as simple and straightforward as possible. Icons and abbreviations are not adequate to prevent a claim from being misleading if a significant minority of consumers do not understand their meaning.30 Incorporating extraneous material into the disclosure also may diminish communication of the message to consumers. IV. Conclusion Although online commerce (including mobile and social media marketing) is booming, deception can dampen consumer confidence in the online marketplace. To ensure that products and services a...
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