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Unformatted text preview: ) potentially require horizontal, as well as vertical, scrolling. Placing a disclosure in a different column of a webpage from the claim it modifies could make it unlikely that consumers who have to zoom in to read the claim on a small screen will scroll right or left to a different column and read the disclosure. Example 3 Optimizing a website for mobile devices will eliminate the need for consumers to scroll right or left, although it will not necessarily address the need for vertical scrolling. b. Hyperlinking to a Disclosure Hyperlinks allow additional information to be placed on a webpage entirely separate from the relevant claim. Hyperlinks can provide a useful means to access disclosures that are not integral to the triggering claim, provided certain conditions (discussed below) are met. Hyperlinked disclosures may be particularly useful if the disclosure is lengthy or if it needs to be repeated (because of multiple triggering claims, for example). However, in many situations, hyperlinks are not necessary to convey disclosures. If a disclosure consists of a word or phrase that may be easily incorporated into the text, along with the claim, this placement increases the likelihood that consumers will see the disclosure and relate it to the relevant claim. Disclosures that are an integral part of a claim or inseparable from it should not be communicated through a hyperlink. Instead, they should be placed on the same page and immediately next to the claim, and be sufficiently prominent so that the claim and the disclosure are read at the same time, without referring the consumer somewhere else to obtain this important information. This is particularly true for cost information or certain health and safety disclosures. Example 4 Indeed, required disclosures about serious health and safety issues are unlikely to be effective when accessible only through a hyperlink. Similarly, if a product’s basic cost (e.g., the cost of the item before taxes, shipping and handling, and any other fees are added on) is advertised on o...
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