However if the details about the additional fees are

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Unformatted text preview: ne page, but there are significant additional fees the consumer would not expect to incur in order to purchase the product or use it on an ongoing basis, the existence and nature of those additional fees should be disclosed on the same page and immediately adjacent to the cost claim, and with appropriate prominence. However, if the details about the additional fees are too complex to describe adjacent to the price claim, those details may be provided by using a hyperlink. Example 5 The hyperlink should be clearly labeled to communicate the specific nature of the information to which it 10 Federal Trade Commission leads, e.g., “Service plan required. Get service plan prices.” The hyperlink should appear adjacent to the price. Moreover, because consumers should not have to click on hyperlinks to understand the full amount they will pay, all cost information — including any such additional fees — should be presented to them clearly and conspicuously prior to purchase. The key considerations for evaluating the effectiveness of all hyperlinks are: ● the labeling or description of the hyperlink; ● consistency in the use of hyperlink styles; ● the placement and prominence of the hyperlink on the webpage or screen; and ● the handling of the disclosure on the click-through page or screen. Choosing the right label for the hyperlink. A hyperlink that leads to a disclosure should be labeled clearly and conspicuously. The hyperlink’s label — the text or graphic assigned to it — affects whether consumers actually click on it and see and read the disclosure. ● Make it obvious. Consumers should be able to tell that they can click on a hyperlink to get more information. Simply underlining text may be insufficient to inform consumers that the text is a hyperlink. Using multiple methods of identifying hyperlinks, such as both a different color from other text and underscoring, makes it more likely that hyperlinks will be recognized. ● Label the link to convey the importance, nature, and relevance of the...
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