If a disclosure is presented in a long line of text

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Unformatted text preview: ges viewable on desktop devices may also be viewable on smartphones. Therefore, unless a website defaults to a mobile-optimized (or similarly responsive) version,29 advertisers should design the website so that any necessary disclosures are clear and conspicuous, regardless of the device on which they are displayed. Example 19 Among many other considerations, if a disclosure is too small to read on a mobile device and the text of the disclosure cannot be enlarged, it is not a clear and conspicuous disclosure. If a disclosure is presented in a long line of text that does not wrap around and fit on a screen, it is unlikely to be adequate. Don’t bury it. The prominence of the disclosure also may be affected by other factors. A disclosure that is buried in a long paragraph of unrelated text will not be effective. The unrelated text detracts from the message and makes it unlikely that a consumer would notice the disclosure or recognize its importance. Even though the unrelated information may be useful, advertisers must ensure that the disclosure is communicated effectively. For example, it is highly unlikely that consumers will read disclosures buried in “terms of use” and similar lengthy agreements. Even if such agreements may be sufficient for contractual or other purposes, disclosures that are necessary to prevent deception or unfairness should not be relegated to them. Similarly, simply because consumers click that they “agree” to a term or condition, does not make the disclosure clear and conspicuous. A disclosure that addresses a subject other than the primary subject of the ad. Consumers who are trying to complete a task and obtain a specific product or service may not pay adequate attention to a disclosure that does not relate to the task at hand. This can be problematic if, for example, an advertiser is selling a product or service together with a negative option trial for a different product or service. In these circumstances, even a relatively prominent disclosure about the negative option trial could be missed by consumers because this additional product or service is not their prim...
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