In determining whether the disclosure should be

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Unformatted text preview: Disclose required information in the space-constrained ad itself or clearly and conspicuously on the website to which it links. In some cases, a required disclosure can easily be incorporated into a space-constrained ad. Example 15 In other instances, the disclosures may be too detailed to be disclosed effectively in the ad itself. These disclosures may sometimes be communicated effectively to consumers if they are made clearly and conspicuously on the website to which the ad links. In determining whether the disclosure should be placed in the space-constrained ad itself or on the website to which the ad links, advertisers should consider how important the information is to prevent deception, how much information needs to be disclosed, the burden of disclosing it in the ad itself, how much information the consumer may absorb from the ad, and how effective the disclosure would be if it were made on the website. If a product promoted in a space-constrained ad can be bought in a brick and mortar store, consumers who do 15 .com Disclosures: How to Make Effective Disclosures in Digital Advertising not click through to a linked website would miss any disclosure that was not in the space-constrained ad itself. If the disclosure needs to be in the ad itself but it does not fit, the ad should be modified so it does not require such a disclosure or, if that is not possible, that space-constrained ad should not be used. ● Use creativity to incorporate or flag required information. Scrolling text or rotating panels in a banner ad can present an abbreviated version of a required disclosure that indicates additional important information and a more complete disclosure are available on the click-through page. ● Use disclosures in each ad. If a disclosure is required in a space-constrained ad, such as a tweet, the disclosure should be in each and every ad that would require a disclosure if that ad were viewed in isolation. Do not assume that consumers will see and associate multiple space-constrained advertisements. Example 16 ● Short-form disclosures might or might not adequa...
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