Size matters disclosures that are at least as large

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Unformatted text preview: rained ad. The full disclosure must then be clearly and conspicuously displayed on the website. ● Providing required disclosures in interactive ads. If consumers can purchase a product within an interactive ad, all required disclosures should be included in the ad itself. 2. Prominence It is the advertiser’s responsibility to draw attention to the required disclosures. Display disclosures prominently so they are noticeable to consumers. The size, color, and graphics of the disclosure affect its prominence. ● Size Matters. Disclosures that are at least as large as the claim to which they relate are more likely to be effective. ● Color Counts. A disclosure in a color that contrasts with the background emphasizes the text of the disclosure and makes it more noticeable. Information in a color that blends in with the background of the ad is likely to be missed. Example 18 ● Graphics Help. Although using graphics to display a disclosure is not required, they may make the disclosure more prominent. Evaluate the size, color, and graphics of the disclosure in relation to other parts of the website, email or text message, or application.28 The size of a disclosure should be compared to the type size of the claim and other text on the screen. If a claim uses a particular color or graphic treatment, the disclosure can be formatted the same way to help ensure that consumers who see the claim are also able to see the disclosure and relate it back to the claim 28. Websites may display differently, depending on the program and device used. Advertisers should consider different display options to ensure that qualifying information is displayed clearly and conspicuously. Evaluating the prominence of the disclosure in relation to the rest of the ad, as it may appear on various devices, helps ensure that consumers are able to view the disclosure. 17 .com Disclosures: How to Make Effective Disclosures in Digital Advertising it modifies. In addition, the graphic treatment of the disclosure may be evaluated in relation to how graphics are used to convey other items in the ad. Account for viewing on different devices. Most webpa...
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