They are likely to zoom in on the center column see

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Unformatted text preview: han the camera price it qualifies, as in this example, rather than directly under the price information, makes it less likely that consumers viewing this webpage on a desktop computer would notice the disclosure here. Webpage on a desktop A-4 (continued on next page) Federal Trade Commission Example 3 (cont’d) Consumers viewing this webpage on a smartphone or other device with a small screen, however, would likely find it too small to read (see mobile screen without zooming, below), requiring them to zoom in on the part or parts that they wish to read. They are likely to zoom in on the center column (see zoomed-in mobile screen, below), which contains the main information on the page and might not scroll left to see the disclosure in the left column. As a result, consumers who use a smart phone to view this website, which has not been optimized for mobile devices, might easily miss the monthly monitoring fee disclosure. Mobile screen (no zooming) Mobile screen (zoomed-in) A-5 .com Disclosures: How to Make Effective Disclosures in Digital Advertising Example 4 Hyperlinks should not be used to communicate disclosures that are an integral part of a claim or inseparable from it, including important health and safety information. In this example, the hyperlink “Important Health Information” leads to a disclosure, “Frost-a-tron may not keep perishable food items cold enough to prevent the growth of bacteria when the temperature is over 80ºF, such as in a hot car. Use in these conditions could lead to food-borne illness.” The fact that the cooler might not keep food cold enough to prevent the growth of dangerous bacteria should not be hidden behind a hyperlink, even one labeled “Important Health Information.” This is especially true when the cooler is promoted for keeping perishable food fresh and cold on road trips. Moreover, any disclosure that is integral to the primary claim should be immediately adjacent to that claim. A-6 Federal Trade Commission Examp...
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