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Unformatted text preview: s i .com Disclosures: How to Make Effective Disclosures in Digital Advertising appear for a sufficient duration; and whether the language of the disclosure is understandable to the intended audience. 4. To make a disclosure clear and conspicuous, advertisers should: ● Place the disclosure as close as possible to the triggering claim. ● Take account of the various devices and platforms consumers may use to view advertising and any corresponding disclosure. If an ad is viewable on a particular device or platform, any necessary disclosures should be sufficient to prevent the ad from being misleading when viewed on that device or platform. ● When a space-constrained ad requires a disclosure, incorporate the disclosure into the ad whenever possible. However, when it is not possible to make a disclosure in a space-constrained ad, it may, under some circumstances, be acceptable to make the disclosure clearly and conspicuously on the page to which the ad links. ● When using a hyperlink to lead to a disclosure, - make the link obvious; - label the hyperlink appropriately to convey the importance, nature, and relevance of the information it leads to; - use hyperlink styles consistently, so consumers know when a link is available; - place the hyperlink as close as possible to the relevant information it qualifies and make it noticeable; - take consumers directly to the disclosure on the click-through page; - assess the effectiveness of the hyperlink by monitoring click-through rates and other information about consumer use and make changes accordingly. ● Preferably, design advertisements so that “scrolling” is not necessary in order to find a disclosure. When scrolling is necessary, use text or visual cues to encourage consumers to scroll to view the disclosure. ● Keep abreast of empirical research about where consumers do and do not look on a screen. ● Recognize and respond to any technological limitations or unique characteristics of a communication method when making discl...
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