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Unformatted text preview: nancial obligation. In general, disclosures are more likely to be effective if they are provided in the context of the ad, when the consumer is considering the purchase. Different considerations apply, however, in different situations. Where advertising and selling are combined on a website or mobile application — that is, the consumer will be completing the transaction online — disclosures should be provided before the consumer makes the decision to buy, e.g., before clicking on an “order now” button or a link that says “add to shopping cart.” Example 13 14 Federal Trade Commission ● Don’t focus only on the order screen. Some disclosures must be made in conjunction with the relevant claim or product. Consumers may not relate a disclosure on the order screen to information they viewed much earlier. It also is possible that after surfing a company’s website, some consumers may decide to purchase the product from the company’s brick and mortar store. Those consumers would miss any disclosures placed only on the ordering screen. So that these consumers do not miss a necessary disclosure, it may have to be on the same page as the claim it qualifies. When a product advertised online can be purchased from brick and mortar stores or from online retailers other than the advertiser itself, necessary disclosures should be made in the ad before consumers go to other outlets to make their purchase. Example 14 An in-store disclosure or one placed on an unrelated online retailer’s website is unlikely to cure an otherwise deceptive advertisement. e. Evaluating Proximity in Space-Constrained Ads Many space-constrained ads displayed today are teasers. Because of their small size and/or short length, space-constrained ads, such as banner ads and tweets, generally do not provide very much information about a product or service. Often, consumers must click through to the website to get more information and learn the terms of an offer. If a space-constrained ad contains a claim that requires qualification, the advertiser disseminating it is not exempt from disclosure requirements....
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