124 diabetes when the child is sick the mother should

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Unformatted text preview: njections for 2 to 3 weeks before changing major sites. The injections are rotated to different locations within that major site. 124. Diabetes When the child is sick, the mother should test for urinary ketones with each voiding. If ketones are present, liquids are essential to aid in clearing the ketones. The child should be encouraged to drink calorie-free liquids. Bringing the child to the clinic immediately is not necessary. Insulin doses should not be adjusted or changed. 125. Diabetes Rehydration is the initial step in resolving diabetic ketoacidosis. Normal saline is the initial IV rehydration fluid. NPH insulin is never administered by the IV route. Dextrose solutions are added to the treatment when the blood glucose level reaches an acceptable level. Intravenously administered potassium may be required, depending on the potassium level, but would not be part of the initial treatment. 126. Tylenol After administering the acetaminophen, excess clothing and blankets should be removed. The child can be sponged with tepid water, but not cold w...
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