156 fracture an absent pulse to an extremity of an

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Unformatted text preview: young children are at increased risk for protein and calorie deficiencies because they have smaller muscle mass and less body fat than adults. 156. Fracture An absent pulse to an extremity of an affected limb could mean that the child is developing or experiencing compartment syndrome. This is an emergency situation and the physician should be notified immediately. Applying ice to an extremity with absent perfusion is incorrect. Ice may be prescribed when perfusion is adequate to decrease swelling. Administering analgesics will not improve circulation. The skin traction should not be released without a physician¶s order. 157. Scoliosis A complication after surgical treatment of scoliosis is superior mesenteric artery syndrome. This disorder is caused by mechanical changes in the position of the child¶s abdominal contents, resulting from lengthening of the child¶s body. The disorder results in a syndrome of emesis and abdominal distention similar to that which occurs with intestinal obstruction or paralytic ileus. Postoperative vomiting in chi...
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