231 lactose intolerance breast feeding mothers with

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Unformatted text preview: d to bring the child to the emergency room if the child develops stridor at rest, cyanosis, severe agitation or fatigue, or moderate to severe retractions, or is unable to take oral fluids. 231. Lactose Intolerance Breast-feeding mothers with lactose intolerance infants need to be encouraged to limit dairy products. Cheese is a dairy product. Alternative calcium sources that can be consumed by the mother include egg yolk, green leafy vegetables, dried beans, cauliflower, and molasses. 232. Conjuntivitis Viral conjunctivitis is extremely contagious. The child should be kept home from school or day care until the child has received antibiotic eye drops for 24 hours. 16 233. Conjuntivitis If the child wears contact lenses, he or she should be instructed to discontinue wearing them until the infection has cleared completely. Securing new contact lenses will eliminate the chance of reinfection from contaminated contact lenses and will also lessen the risk of a corneal ulceration. 234. Otitis Media Factors that increase the r...
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