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253 encopresis encopresis is defined as fecal

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Unformatted text preview: n occurs when a proximal segment of the bowel prolapses into a distal segment of the bowel. It is a common cause of acute bowel obstruction in infants and young children. It is not an inflammatory process. 253. Encopresis Encopresis is defined as fecal incontinence and is a major concern if the child is constipated. Signs include evidence of soiling clothing, scratching or rubbing the anal area because of irritation, fecal odor without apparent awareness by the child, and social withdrawal. 254. Seizures During a seizure, the child is placed on his or her side in a lateral position. Positioning on the side will prevent aspiration because saliva will drain out the corner of the child¶s mouth. The child is not restrained because this could cause injury to the child. The nurse would loosen clothing around the child¶s neck and ensure a patent airway. Nothing is placed into the child¶s mouth during a seizure because this could injure the child¶s mouth, gums, or teeth. The nurse would stay wi...
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