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290 hemophilia because the kidneys are located in the

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Unformatted text preview: may be needed, but it is not necessary to report to the emergency department. Glucagon is not administered if shakiness is felt but is used in an unconscious client or a client unable to swallow who is experiencing a hypoglycemic reaction. 290. Hemophilia Because the kidneys are located in the flank region of the body, trauma to the back area can cause the presence of hematuria, particularly in the child with hemophilia. The nurse would be most concerned about the child¶s airway and respiratory rate if the child sustained an injury to the neck region. Headache and slurred speech are associated with head trauma. 291. Heat Loss Heat loss occurs by four different mechanisms. In conduction, heat loss occurs when the infant is on a cold surface, such as a table. Evaporation of moisture from a wet body surface dissipates heat along with the moisture. In convection, 20 air moving across the infant¶s skin will transfer heat to the air. Radiation occurs when heat from the body surface radiates to the surrounding environment. 292...
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