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33 regression in the hospitalized preschooler the

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Unformatted text preview: e child ask for more food. 33. Regression In the hospitalized preschooler, the best option is to accept regression if it occurs. Regression is most often a result of the stress of the hospitalization. Parents may be overly concerned about regression and should be told that their child may continue the behavior at home. When regression does occur, the best approach is to ignore it while praising existing patterns of appropriate behavior. Calling the physician is not necessary. 34. Infant Care Holding, caressing, and swaddling provide warmth and tactile stimulation for the infant. To provide auditory stimulation, the nurse should talk to the infant in a soft voice and should instruct the mother to do so also. Additional interventions include playing a music box, radio, or television, or having a ticking clock or metronome nearby. Hanging a bright shiny object in midline within 20 to 25 cm of the infant¶s face and hanging mobiles with contrasting colors, such as black and white, provide visual stimulation. Crying is an infant¶s way of communicating; therefore, the nurse would...
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