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343 brain tumor if an infratentorial tumor is removed

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Unformatted text preview: ion to reduce the risk of infection and could actually be harmful to the child. Live virus vaccines are not given when the child is myelosuppressed, so assessment of the child¶s immune status should be done before administration of immunizations appropriate for age. 343. Brain Tumor If an infratentorial tumor is removed, the child is positioned flat. The pillow is placed behind the child¶s back, not the head, because when the pillow is behind the head proper, alignment is not maintained and this misalignment can impair circulation. The child should never be placed in a Trendelenburg position (head down) because this position increases intracranial pressure. Placing the child on the operative side is not recommended because the brain may shift suddenly to that cavity. The head is elevated above the heart when the tumor is a supratentorial one. 344. Leukemia In leukemia, normal bone marrow is replaced by malignant blast cells. As the blast cells take over the bone marrow, eventually red blood cell and platelet production is affected and the child becomes...
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