386 cystic fibrosis breathing exercises are

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Unformatted text preview: ll decrease the chance that cerebrospinal fluid will accumulate in the cranial cavity. The infant needs to be prone for several days to decrease the pressure on the surgical site on the back. Binders and a baby seat should not be used because of the pressure they would exert on the surgical site. 386. Cystic Fibrosis Breathing exercises are recommended for a majority of children with CF, even those with minimal pulmonary involvement. The exercises usually are performed twice daily, and they are preceded by postural drainage. The postural drainage will mobilize secretions, and the breathing exercises will then assist with expectoration. Exercises to assist in assuming correct postures and in maximizing thoracic mobility are included, such as swinging the arms and bending and twisting the trunk. The ultimate aim of these exercises is to establish a good habitual breathing pattern. 387. Diabetes Most children 9 years of age and older can understand the principles of monitoring their own insulin requirements. They usually are responsible enough to determine the appropriate intervention needed to maintain their health. The school te...
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