A face cloth on a fingertip is safe to use for ear

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Unformatted text preview: in preventing sickle cell crisis. 328. Otitis Externa The nurse should provide information about ear care to children because it is not uncommon for them to put sharp or small objects, such as cotton swabs, into their ears, and these behaviors can cause injury. A face cloth on a fingertip is safe to use for ear cleaning. Acute otitis externa may cause a low-pitched tinnitus but usually does not cause dizziness unless the condition has progressed to an otitis media. Audiography is performed during a screening done at school usually every year and does not necessarily need to be performed by a special physician. 329. Rheumatic Fever In the presence of rheumatic fever, the child will exhibit leukocytosis, positive result on CRP determination, elevated ASO titer, and elevated ESR. A positive result on ANA testing is used to diagnose a wide variety of connective-tissue, vascular, and immune complex disorders and will be positive with rheumatic fever also. 330. Brain Injury Temporal lobe herniation or uncal herniation refers t...
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