A private room would be the best environment allowing

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Unformatted text preview: with limited visual and auditory distractions. A private room would be the best environment, allowing for control of visual and auditory distractions. The semiprivate and four-bed ward rooms would be too stimulating for the child with autism. Autism is not a disorder that requires contact isolation. 42. Basilar Skull Fractures Nasotracheal suctioning is contraindicated in a child with a basilar skull fracture. Because of the nature of the injury, there is a high risk of secondary infection and the probability of the catheter entering the brain through the fracture. Fluid balance is monitored closely by daily weight, intake and output measurement, and serum osmolality determination to detect early signs of water retention, excessive dehydration, and states of hypertonicity or hypotonicity. The child is maintained on an NPO status or restricted to clear liquids until it is determined that vomiting will not occur. An intravenous line is maintained to administer fluids or medications if necessary. 43. Bacterial Meningitis Meningitis is an infectious process of the central nervous system caused by bacteria and viruses; it may be acquired as a primary disease or as a result of complications of neurosurgery, trauma, infectio...
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