Although it is important to monitor the red blood

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Unformatted text preview: ction is monitored closely during the administration of chelation therapy because the medications are excreted via the kidneys. Although it is important to monitor the red blood cell count for the presence of anemia in a child with lead poisoning, this laboratory result is not specific to chelation therapy. 110. Hirschsprung's Disease Hirschsprung¶s disease is a congenital anomaly also known as congenital aganglionosis or aganglionicmegacolon. It occurs as the result of an absence of ganglion cells in the rectum and other areas of the affected intestine. Chronic constipation beginning in the first month of life and resulting in pellet-like or ribbon-like stools that are foulsmelling is a clinical manifestation of this disorder. Delayed passage or absence of meconium stool in the neonatal period is also a sign. Bowel obstruction, especially in the neonatal period, abdominal pain and distention, and failure to thrive are also clinical manifestations 111. Vomiting Vomiting will cause the loss of hydrochloric acid and su...
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