Clinical manifestations of hirschsprungs disease

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Unformatted text preview: t common symptom of appendicitis is a colicky, periumbilical, or lower abdominal pain located in the right quadrant. The classic signs and symptoms of intussusception are acute, colicky abdominal pain with currant jelly±like stools. Clinical manifestations of Hirschsprung¶s disease include constipation, abdominal distention, and ribbon-like, foulsmelling stools. Peritonitis is a complication that can follow perforation or intestinal obstruction. 286. Erikson's Development Adolescents need to identify with their peers and have a strong need to belong to a group. They prefer to dress like the group and wear similar hairstyles, which are different from their parents¶. Because Crutchfield tongs require the use of skeletal pins, hair dye is not appropriate. The child should be allowed to wear her own clothes to feel a sense of belonging to the group. Loud music may disturb others in the hospital. The child¶s request for a darkened room may indicate a problem with depression that may need...
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