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Convertible car safety seats are used until the child

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Unformatted text preview: (20 lb) and 1 year of age. Convertible car safety seats are used until the child weighs at least 40 lb. 30. Vital Signs The normal apical heart rate for a 3 year old is 80 to 120 beats/min. 31. Teaching Toddlers, with their increased mobility and development of motor skills, can reach hot water or hot objects placed on counters and stoves and can reach open fires or stove burners above their eye level. The nurse should encourage parents to remain in the kitchen when preparing a meal, use the back burners on the stove, and turn pot handles inward and toward the middle of the stove. Hot liquids should never be left unattended, and the toddler should always be supervised 32. Psychological Anorexia A toddler has the skills required to feed himself or herself. The parent needs to be instructed not to feed children who can feed themselves and not to force-feed a child. To increase nutritious intake at mealtime, juice intake needs to be limited to less than 12 oz per day. At mealtime, the best option is to offer less than the toddler may eat and let th...
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