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Diarrhea might or might not accompany vomiting

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Unformatted text preview: bsequent metabolic alkalosis. Metabolic acidosis would occur in a child experiencing diarrhea because of the loss of bicarbonate. Diarrhea might or might not accompany vomiting. Hyperactive bowel sounds are not necessarily associated with vomiting. 112. Diarrhea Rectal temperature measurements should be avoided if diarrhea is present. Use of a rectal thermometer can stimulate peristalsis and cause more diarrhea. Axillary and tympanic measurements of temperature would be acceptable. Most measurements are done using electronic devices. 113. Cleft Palate The mother is taught the ESSR method of feeding the child with a cleft palate: enlarge the nipple, stimulate the sucking reflex, swallow, and rest to allow the infant to finish swallowing what has been placed in the mouth 114. Imperforated Anus During the newborn assessment, this defect should be identified easily on sight. However, a rectal thermometer or tube may be necessary to determine patency if meconium is not passed in the first 24 hours after birth. Other assessment findings...
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