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Down syndrome is an example of a congenital condition

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Unformatted text preview: illness or central nervous system infection. Down syndrome is an example of a congenital condition that results in moderate to severe retardation. 40. Cerebral Palsy The goals of managing the child with cerebral palsy are early recognition and intervention to maximize the child¶s abilities. The disorder is not curable. The cause of the disorder cannot be eliminated. Minimizing the occurrence of emotional disturbances is best if possible, but they should not be prevented because expression of emotions is healthy for the child. 41. Autism Autistic disorder is a complex childhood disorder that involves abnormalities in behavior, social interactions, and communication. Autistic children are unable to relate to persons or to respond to social and emotional cues. Characteristically, these children engage in repetitive behaviors, including head banging, twirling in circles, biting themselves, and flapping their hands or arms. Abnormal communication patterns include verbal and nonverbal communication. A child with autism needs decreased stimulation,...
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