Hiv hiv for children with human immunodeficiency

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Unformatted text preview: ositive in children 4 years of age or older without any risk factors. HIV HIV ± For children with human immunodeficiency virus infection, a minimum of 12 months of treatment with isoniazid is recommended. Croup Croup ± Croup often begins at night and may be preceded by several days of upper respiratory infection symptoms. Croup is characterized by a sudden onset of a harsh, brassy cough, sore throat, and inspiratory stridor. Symptoms usually worsen at night and are better in the day. Croup usually is accompanied by a low-grade fever, but occasionally the temperature may be as high as 104° F. Croup Croup ± Antibiotics are not indicated in the treatment of croup unless a bacterial infection is present Croup Croup ± If the use of a tent or hood is causing distress, treatment may be more effective if the child is held by the parent and a cool mist is directed toward the child¶s face. A mild sedative would not be administered to the child. Crying will aggravate laryngospasm and increase hypoxia, which may cause airway obstruction Bronchiolitis Bronchiolitis ± The infant with RSV should...
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