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Hemophilia is inherited in a recessive manner via a

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Unformatted text preview: red blood cells is shortened. 340. Hemophilia Hemophilia refers to a group of bleeding disorders resulting from a deficiency of specific coagulation proteins. Males inherit hemophilia from their mothers, and females inherit the carrier status from their fathers. Hemophilia is inherited in a recessive manner via a genetic defect on the X chromosome. Hemophilia A results from a deficiency of factor VIII. Hemophilia B (Christmas disease) is a deficiency of factor IX. 341. Leukemia Cyclophosphamide (Cytoxan) is an alkylating agent used as a chemotherapeutic agent in children with leukemia and other cancers. Its side effects include bone marrow depression (BMD), but it is platelet sparing. It also causes hemorrhagic cystitis. It does not cause constipation, as vincristine does. Vincristine, a plant alkaloid, also causes BMD. 342. Leukemia A child with myelosuppression is at risk for infection. Good hand-washing technique is necessary to prevent the spread of infection. Complete and strict isolation is not warranted, although a mask and gloves should be worn while in the child¶s room. Restricting oral fluids would not be an intervent...
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