Informing the child of bedtime a few minutes before

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Unformatted text preview: d¶s bedtime behavior. Informing the child of bedtime a few minutes before it is time for bed is the most appropriate option. Most toddlers take an afternoon nap and, until their second birthday, also may require a morning nap. Firm, consistent limits are needed for temper tantrums or when toddlers try stalling tactics. 21. Safe Toys Toys for the toddler must be strong, safe, and too large to swallow or place in the ear or nose. Toddlers need supervision at all times. Push-pull toys, large balls, large crayons, trucks, and dolls are some of the appropriate toys. A farm set, a golf set, and jacks with marbles may contain items that the child could swallow. 22. Toilet training Bowel control usually is achieved before bladder control. The child should not be forced to sit for long periods. The ability to remove clothing is one of the physical signs of readiness. The physical ability to control the anal and urethral sphincters is achieved some time after the child is walking, probably between the ag...
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