It can be unilateral or bilateral and may involve

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Unformatted text preview: rea out of reach of children. The poison control center telephone number should be visible near all telephones. 312. Increased Intracranial Pressure Transtentorial herniation occurs when part of the brain herniates downward and around the tentorium cerebelli. It can be unilateral or bilateral and may involve anterior or posterior portions of the brain. If a large amount of tissue is involved, the risk of death is increased because vital brain structures are compressed and become unable to perform their function. 313. Level of Consciousness Obtunded indicates that the child sleeps unless aroused and once aroused has limited interaction with the environment. Full consciousness indicates that the child is alert, awake, orientated, and interacts with the environment. Confusion indicates that the ability to think clearly and rapidly is lost, and disorientation indicates that the ability to recognize place or person is lost. 314. Head Injury Decorticate posturing is an abnormal flexion of the upper extremities and an extension of...
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