Nsaids can prolong bleeding time and would not be

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Unformatted text preview: made after the first primary tooth erupts and no later than 30 months of age. It will not hurt the child if some of the toothpaste is swallowed. 271. Hemophilia In an acute period, immobilization of the joint would be prescribed. NSAIDs can prolong bleeding time and would not be prescribed for the child. Heat will increase blood flow to the area so it would promote increased bleeding to the area. Range of motion during the acute period can increase the bleeding and would be avoided at this time. 272. Hemophilia The nurse should instruct the mother to remove toys with sharp edges that may cause potential injury. Requiring that the child wear a helmet and elbow pads immediately on awakening and throughout the day is not necessary; however, these items should be worn during activities that could cause injury. It is not necessary that the child be restricted from outdoor play activity, but the activities that the child participates in should be monitored. It is not necessary to restrict play if safety measures have been implemented. 273....
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